The Dish’s Weekly Biotechnology News Wrap Up – February 13, 2015

This week’s biotechnology news headlines include, drug innovations, the future of brain medicines, Thermo Fisher acquires ASI, GSK acquires GlycoVaxyn, crowdfunding to help launch a stem cell based therapy, FDA wants consumer friendly ads, and Genzyme and Voyager enter Gene Therapy collaboration.

Cell Culture Events


Cell Line Development and Engineering – February 9-12, 2014, Dublin Ireland

7th Annual Global Biomanufacturing Summit – February 18-20, 2015, Orange County, CA

With the affordable care act and added FDA pressure on companies to cut costs to the end user it has become imperative that the biological manufacturing industry optimizes and streamlines its processes in order to maintain profit margins and stay competitive.

The 7th Annual Global Biological Manufacturing Summit 2015 has been designed to enhance collaboration, discussion and networking amongst the Biological Manufacturing community.

The 2015 will programme will feature three dedicated streams, each tackling the latest challenges for the industry: Manufacturing, Supply chain, Quality and Regulation. Each stream will feature the most esteemed companies in their fields, including UCB, GSK, MEDIMMUNE GENENTECH, M W GROUP, KINAXIS.

Visit for more information.

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Cell Culture World Congress – February 23-25, 2015 –Munich Germany,

The region’s premier congress for the bioprocess industry. Where all major existing and emerging players obtain practical and technical outcomes to Bioprocessing and Biomanufacturing. Cell Culture World Congress is THE networking forum where pharma, biotech, academia and associated vendor stakeholders wanting to progress within the Cell Culture and Biomanufacturing market meet, debate and partner with those already strategically positioned.

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Downstream Processing World Congress – February 24-25, 2015 – Munich Germany

Technology and process optimization for pharma, biotech and CMOs. Co-located with Cell Culture World Congress, the event is THE genuine meeting place for bioprocess scientists to meet, source new technologies and share best practice.

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Introduction to Cell Culture Workshop – 4 days by BioSciConcepts

March 10-13, 2015

One of our most popular workshops, this Cell Culture Workshop covers essential fundamentals, providing a solid basis for the understanding of the growth of animal cells.  We combine lecture and laboratory exercises aimed at  giving participants a deeper understanding of serum-free media applications and related topics.

Topics include: Introduction to cell and tissue culture, serum containing media and the use of serum. cell counting and viability determination, development of growth curves, growth of adherent and suspension cells, transfection technologies for recombinant protein expression in animal cells, cryopreservation and cryothawing of animal cells, cell cloning , primary cell culture and so much more.

Genome Editing Applications – March 18-19, 2015 – Hilton Boston Back Bay, Boston MA

Biopharmaceutical Development and Production Week – March 30-April 2, 2015 – Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa, Huntington Beach, CA (Co-located with Single-use Applications and Flexible Facilities)


“To What Extent are Drug Makers Having Trouble Sustaining Innovation?,” The Wall Street Journal Pharmalot

“Is the pharmaceutical industry undergoing a big squeeze? A new analysis argues that drug makers are experiencing a challenging combination of rising overall costs and, in many cases, pressure on pricing. Taken together, “the forces of market competition… have essentially eroded the economic profitability of newly launched brand-name” drugs in recent years, according to a paper in Health Affairs, the policy journal.”

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“The Coming Boom In Brain Medicines,” Forbes

“Tony Coles Could have had any job he wanted in the drug industry. In five years at the helm of cancer drug developer Onyx Pharmaceuticals he increased its market cap eightfold by purchasing an experimental blood cancer drug for $800 million, developing it into a big seller and flipping the whole company to Amgen for $10.4 billion in October 2013. He personally made $60 million on the deal. Biotech watchers expected him to start another cancer company or even command a drug giant like Merck or Pfizer.

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“Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires Single-Use Specialist ASI for $300M,” Genetic Engineering News

“Thermo Fisher Scientific acquired Advanced Scientifics (ASI), which provides single-use technologies for customized bioprocessing solutions, for $300 million in cash. ASI designs, manufactures, and delivers customized single-use systems and equipment for the preparation, processing, storage, and transportation of biopharmaceuticals. The company has 380 employees and operations in Pennsylvania and Mexico.”

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“GSK nabs pipeline prospects, conjugate vaccine tech with GlycoVaxyn buyout,” Fierce Vaccines

“Since forging a scientific collaboration in 2012, GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) has held a minority stake in Swiss biotech GlycoVaxyn. Now, it’s forking over $190 million to acquire the remaining shares and take full ownership of the company.”

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“British biotech firm sets crowdfunding record with heart drug,” Fox News

“A British biotech company founded by a Nobel prize winner has raised what it says is a record 691,000 pounds ($1 million) via crowdfunding to help launch a stem cell-based regenerative medicine for use following heart trauma.”

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“Drop the Fine Print: FDA Wants Consumer-Friendly Drug Ads,” The Wall Street Journal Pharmalot

“Anyone who leafs through a newspaper or magazine and sees prescription drug ads would be hard-pressed to miss the lengthy fine print describing risks and caveats in copious detail. Drug makers include this information to comply with the law. But after years of complaints and concerns this amounts to information overload to consumers, the FDA is proposing a new approach.”

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“Genzyme, Voyager Launch Up-to-$845M Gene Therapy Collaboration,” Genetic Engineering News

“Genzyme, a Sanofi company, and Voyager Therapeutics said today they have launched an up-to-$845 million collaboration to develop and commercialize new adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene therapies for CNS disorders.”

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