Chad Schwartz, PhD

Chad Schwartz, Ph.D. is currently the Global Product Manager for the Analytical Ultracentrifugation (AUC) product line at Beckman Coulter, Inc. He earned his Bachelor of Science in both Agricultural Biotechnology and Biology from the University of Kentucky in 2008. Upon graduation, he was accepted into the University of Cincinnati’s Biomedical Engineering graduate program under the laboratory supervision of Professor Peixuan Guo. Following Guo to the University of Kentucky’s Pharmaceutical Science program in 2011, Chad’s dissertation studies involved the mechanistic and biochemical studies of bacteriophage phi29, often using AUC and other biophysical techniques. Upon graduation in 2013, he accepted a position as a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California, Davis studying prostate cancer under Professor Allen Gao. Following that, in 2014, Chad moved to industry, taking the role of Senior Application Scientist at Beckman Coulter. In January of 2016, he moved into his current position and has helped to bring the Optima AUC to market. Chad has 13 refereed publications and has provided countless seminars at a number of scientific conferences and events.

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