Chia Chu

Chia Chu is the Director of Viral Vector Process Development at Intellia Therapeutics and leads cell culture & purification development and vector core units. Chia began his industrial career at Pfizer where he spent first several years supporting late-stage CMC development and commercial approval of biosimilar programs. He later transitioned to help grow a new AAV gene therapy process development function at Pfizer and led drug substance teams from early phase toward pivotal stage. Prior to Intellia, Chia was part of a pre-IPO AAV company, Frontera Therapeutics, where he led IND-enabling work for several AAV gene therapy programs. Chia was trained as a chemical engineer and received his PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Chia is a subject matter expert on cell culture processes and has 13 years of CMC development experience.

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