Claudia Berdugo-Davis, PhD

Dr. Berdugo-Davis leverages approaches to achieve scalable processes while maintaining a holistic overview of Unit Operations. Claudia is responsible for managing Cell Culture and Purification teams. To accomplish these goals, Claudia applies her technical knowledge in the areas of bioprocess such as: bioreactors, unit operations, mixing, cell damage, shear stress and scale up in bioprocess. Before joining Catalent, Claudia worked as Scientist II at Becton and Dickinson, where she worked in development of media and media supplements for the Pharmaceutical industries and studied the application of bioreactor scale down systems for process development applications. Dr. Berdugo previous positions include working in an internship at GlaxoSmithKline where she performed studies to evaluate mass transfer capabilities to improve bioreactor performance. Claudia also worked as Process Engineer applying her chemical engineering background for biotechnological applications in the petrochemical industry. In addition, as part as her post-doctoral work Claudia provided training in the use of a shear stress device for different companies including: Biogen, Genentech, Amgen, and Millipore. Dr. Berdugo received her doctorate in Chemical Engineering from The Ohio State University in 2010.

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