Dr. Ma Sha

Dr. Ma Sha is the head of Bioprocess Applications at Eppendorf. He heads the global applications teams and laboratories in Enfield, USA and Juelich, Germany. The teams collectively published over 100 application notes, posters & industrial publications in the bioprocess field. Ma received his Ph.D. of Biochemistry from the City University of New York (CUNY) and conducted extensive postdoctoral researches at The Rockefeller University and Harvard Medical School.

Ma has over 20 years of experiences in life sciences, working with mass spectrometry, cell culture consumables, diagnostic antibodies, biopharma CHO antibody production & scale-up, Vero based Vaccine applications and E. coli/Yeast fermentation process development etc. Prior to joining Eppendorf, Ma worked in life science companies Ciphergen Biosystems, Corning Life Sciences, and Meridian Life Sciences and held a broad variety of responsibilities such as field applications, product line management, new product development, business development, and marketing.

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