Life Technologies’ Cell Culture App for iPhone or iPad

Ever wish you had a portable, easy way to capture data in the lab that can be easily exported to your computer? If so, Life Technologies’ new Gibco® Cell Culture Companion app for iPhone or iPad may be able to help.

Lab Timer from Cell Culture App
Lab Timer from Cell Culture App – Image courtesy of Life Technologies

The app allows you to record cell culture data and store experiment information on your iphone or ipad in the lab as you count cells, perform cell culture calculations and generate growth curves. Then when you return to your desk, export all the information to your computer.  Check the app out here –

The app includes the following tools to simplify the daily task of working with cells:

  • Lab timer (run up to 4 at once)
  • Cell counter – replace your outdated click counter
  • Dilution helper – simple solutions calculator for everyday use
  • Cell viability calculator – import counts from our cell counter or enter in your cell counts directly into the app
  • Cell passaging tool – passage cells with ease by importing in cell count data or importing in cell viability from previous tools
  • Quick doubling time calculator
  • Plot growth curves and doubling time from saved data – send plots to your inbox for saving in your lab notebook
  • Cell culture basics training manual and videos
  • Built in data storage and management – store, save and export all your data in one device
One of the many functions in Life Technologies' Cell Culture App
One of the many functions in Life Technologies’ Cell Culture App – Image Courtesy of Life Technologies

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