Online Cell Culture Media Formulation Tool

Finding the right combination of cell culture media ingredients can be tricky and it isn’t always simple to find an off the shelf medium that meets all your requirements. Sometimes it takes several clicks around to locate one that will meet your needs. To address this challenge we’ve created an online cell culture media formulation tool.

The Gibco™ media formulation tool begins by asking that you choose a base medium. Then you select your features. There are 7 to choose from including format, glucose level, glutamine type, phenol red and level of FBS supplementation. Once you’ve made your selections, the tool will reveal the formulations from our catalog that match your needs. From there you can compare the formulations, look at the breakdown of a number of different components, including amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts, nucleosides, protein and others. To assist with record keeping you can download your selection(s).

To see how it works, visit cell culture media formulation tool.

Happy formulating!

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