Can WAVE be used for large scale manufacturing of viruses? What are the volume limits?


The WAVE Bioreactor can be used for the large scale cultivation of adherent cells and manufacture of viruses. We recently scaled a microcarrier based Vero cell culture from 10 L working volume in WAVE 20/50 to 50 L working volume in WAVE 200. Comparable cell growth was obtained at both working volumes and the virus concentrations reached 10E+09 TCID50 units/mL. The data were presented at the Vaccine Technology Conference in Albufeira in May 2012 and are also available as application note.

The application notes can be downloaded from the GE Healthcare Life Science catalog ( Alternatively please contact us if you would prefer a copy mailed directly.
“Scale-up of adherent Vero cells grown on Cytodex microcarriers using ReadyToProcess equipment” 29-0435-48 AA and “Downstream scale-up purification of influenza virus using ReadyToProcess equipment” 29-0435-49 AA

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