Can you tell me the main features the new WAVE bioreactor offers that make it better than the old WAVE system.


The new system was developed with a focus on reliability and ease of use. The controllers for culture parameters like temperature, pH and DO as well as the liquid handling have been updated. They allow for an intelligent process control, taking into account the Cellbag bioreactor size and the culture volume. If desired the user can also directly access and adjust the PID parameters of the controllers. Furthermore motion profiles for the rocking cycle can be selected, depending if the focus is on maximum efficiency for the gas transfer or low shear conditions for more sensitive cell cultures.
Ergonomics for attachment of the Cellbag bioreactor and handling of the lid have been improved over the previous version, allowing easier and quicker access to the sampling port and air filters without removing the lid. Additionally a tilt function was integrated, which facilitates harvesting without removing the cultivation bag from the tray.
The new WAVE 25 also comes with an extensive documentation package and the new UNICORN software, which is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant as required for use in a regulated environment.
Last but not least the system has been tested in numerous real applications for reliable performance to ensure that hardware, consumables and software work together in an integrated manner.

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