Do you have a protocol for turning cancer cell spheroids into organoids?


Although the generation of organoids from cancer cells seems contradictory, researchers now are focusing on this approach to study the heterogeneity found in cancers as well as for the development of personalized medicine. Cancer organoids can recapitulate organ function and express organ specific markers, as demonstrated in the following paper: Patient-derived lung cancer organoids as in vitro cancer models for therapeutic screening.

Several papers are available in which the generation of organoids from cancer biopsy of patients are described. For example: Cancer Sample Biobanking at the Next Level: Combining Tissue With Living Cell Repositories to Promote Precision Medicine.

Information on the generation of organoids from spheroids is, probably due to the nature of spheroids, more limited. However, it has been described that “intestinal” spheroids can form into organoids in the following paper, A process engineering approach to increase organoid yield.

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