Have you run different sets of ELISAs? How do you run different configurations so you can do mulitple different assays


Yes, I have run several different “ELISA-like” assay formats on our current system. Making sure that you can run different formats on an automated system is part of the “scale and scope” portion of the platform design phase. If you are designing a system to handle ELISA work it would be prudent to equip that platform for the most complex assay configuration that you will think you will be handling; the most reagent additions, the greatest number of plates, etc. If you plan out your configuration for the most complex and resource intensive assay you are going to be doing then less complicated assay formats are easily handled by the same platform. This will ensure that you have the correct components and enough capacity for other configurations. Keep in mind, changing the configuration of an existing system or adding components is not a trivial exercise, and it can become costly.

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