How do you suggest performing media changes in 96-well round bottom Corning® spheroid microplates without removing the spheroid?


There are a few different methods that can be used to change media in Corning® spheroid microplates. A multi-channel pipette can be used to perform half media changes without disturbing the spheroids. We recommend placing the pipette tips to the side of each well while aspirating and dispensing. Another option for removing media is to use an autoclavable multi-pin aspirator hooked up to a vacuum such as a Stainless Steel Manifold, which can be purchased from Drummond, VWR, or Fisher Scientific. Washers or tubing can be placed on either end of the aspirating pin tool to set the height of the pins, which will limit how far they go into the spheroid microplates. We recommend leaving at least 20 uL/well of culture media so as not to disturb the spheroids. The final option is to use automation. For example, Biotek has an AMX module for their MultiFlow FX Multi-Mode Dispenser that is designed specifically for media changing spheroids.

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