I am looking for an enzyme-free method of isolating my PSCs.


Isolation of iPSCs from a master reprogramming plate must be done manually. Colonies should be selected through the use of a 27-gauge needle and a pipettor and then transferred to individual vessels for clonal expansion. Once the PSCs have been expanded they may then be split through future passages by the same manual selection (using a needle) or bulk passaged using a tool like the StemPro® EZPassage™ Disposable Stem Cell Passaging Tool.

Another option for non-enzymatic expansion of PSCs is to use UltraPure™ EDTA to dissociate the cells from the plate. This is only applicable when cells are cultured in a feeder-free media like Essential 8™ medium on either vitronectin or Geltrex® coated TC dishes.
Learn more about Essential 8™ medium

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