I have found some published protocols on generating iPSCs from cord blood, but I am wondering if you have a recommendation on the simplest, most effective way to do this.


For the best results, it is important to begin with the correct starting repopulation for reprogramming. Culture-expanded CD34+ cells or erythroblasts isolated from cord blood serve as attractive starting populations for reprogramming. By first isolating CD34+ cells using our cell isolation products, and then expanding CD34+ cells in StemSpan™ SFEM II medium and/or driving their differentiation to the erythroid lineage with StemSpan™ Expansion Supplements, you generate a convenient starting cell population for reprogramming. In addition to products for reprogramming CD34+ cells isolated from cord blood, we offer a comprehensive workflow for generating iPSCs from CD34+ and erythroid progenitors isolated from peripheral blood.

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