I saw a blog on the Cell Culture Dish that talked about using the Wave for cell banking for CHO cells. I was wondering if the same principal could be applied to cell banking of vero cells.


Answer: In principle a similar approach can also be applied to Vero cells. The difference is that the cells are adherent and require microcarriers for cultivation in the WAVE Bioreactor. A microcarrier often used for Vero cultivation is Cytodex, please see literature reference in my answer regarding the use of the WAVE Bioreactor for the large scale manufacturing of virus for a detailed description of such a process.
The microcarrier culture could be used for the preparation of a cellbank. The cells either need to be detached form the microcarriers or can be frozen directly. Cryoconservation of cells on Cytodex and other microcarriers has been done successfully (Nie Y et al. 2009 Biotechnol. Prog.25(1):20-31).
Cells adherent to the microcarriers can be concentrated by settling, at the same time this also gives the option to exchange the culture medium to a cryoconservation medium.

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