We want to cultivate cholesterol dependent NS0 cells in a Wave reactor. It is said that cholesterol is adsorbed to the bag film. What can be done to achieve a sufficient concentration of the lipid in the culture?


The problem of cholesterol delivery to NS0 cells was investigated when differences in cell growth were observed in serum containing culture and serum free medium supplemented with lipids and synthetic cholesterol. The conclusion of the authors was that the interaction of the lipid carrier, in this case methyl-beta-cyclodextrin, with the bag film led to cholesterol depletion of the culture. This problem was solved by reducing the excess ratio of lipid carrier to cholesterol, which allowed successful cultivation of NS0 cells in the WAVE Bioreactor. Details: Okonkowski J et al. 2007 J. Biosci Bioeng 103(1):50-59.

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