I’m interested in generating a diseased iPS cell line. Will this kit be compatible with my new iPS cell line?


Reproducible differentiation across both human embryonic stem (ES) and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines is something we strive for when developing our STEMdiff™ kits. Demonstrating such reproducible differentiation across cell lines and across experiments is especially critical when studying human iPS cell lines from diseased patients or in studies where the genome of the cell line has been modified to mimic or correct a disease state. In these studies, changes in differentiation efficiency can be better attributed to the disease state or genetic modification, rather than the culture protocol, when a robust and reproducible system is used during the differentiation. We have presented data indicating similar efficiencies of differentiation in two human ES cell lines and two human iPS cell lines (see Figure 2 here) and we continue to add data for additional human iPS cell lines. Therefore, we have confidence that the STEMdiff™ Pancreatic Progenitor Kit is as likely to be compatible with newly derived human iPS cell lines as those protocols detailed in the literature.

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