Is using your kit easier than using currently published protocols? Should we expect a similar learning curve when starting to use the kit?


The STEMdiff™ Pancreatic Progenitor Kit is supplied as two basal media and six pre-mixed supplements, all of which have been rigorously performance tested in differentiation assays to assure the user receives a high performing product. The user is simply required to combine the appropriate basal medium and supplement(s) and apply these complete media to the differentiating cells according to the detailed protocol provided with the kit. Along with our detailed protocols for the maintenance of undifferentiated human pluripotent stem cells using mTeSR™1, new and experienced users are provided with all of the reference material required to learn this workflow. In our experience, people using the kit for the first time are able to successfully generate pancreatic progenitor cells with the expected efficiency. In addition, our product and scientific support staff are available to assist with any questions that may arise regarding the use of our products.

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