I’m looking to speed my AAV production and was wondering if you have tips or do you recommend a production kit?


Production kits usually are expected to contain cells, medium and a transfection reagent. These are well appreciated systems for bench scale production. However, using a kit poses two main concerns: 1) the lack of flexibility, and 2) the unsuitability for large scale manufacturing.

Whether at small or large scale, it is an advantage to be able to optimize production depending on the AAV serotype needed with the choice of the cells, the production medium and the transfection reagent. For a production process to be scalable, it needs to be cost-effective, and usually complete production kits are not suited for large scale production and hence do not bring the benefit of cost reduction. It’s important to have a screening step at small scale to determine the best combination of tools (cells, media and transfection reagents) for maximum production of full particles. An efficient way to ensure you are set up for success is to contact scientific support teams from the suppliers you are working with to ensure you select optimal tools and have a streamlined process. Both Corning and PolyPlus have Scientific Support Teams available to answer questions.

Corning Life Sciences Scientific Support

PolyPlus Scientific Support

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