In my lab we are working on producing antibody using hybridoma for both in-vivo studies and also pre-clinical work. We are using shake flask, but now need to produce more volume. I am wondering what system you would suggest for smaller scale production and if you would recommend perfusion culture or not.


Multiple hybridoma cell lines have been successfully cultivated in WAVE Bioreactor systems. Using different Cellbag bioreactors, cultivation volumes from < 0.5 L to 25 L can be run on the same
instrument. After an initial characterization of the cultivation process in batch mode, a process optimization targeting perfusion is a viable option to increase the volumetric productivity of hybridomacultures.
An example for such a perfusion process can be found in: Tang Y. et al. 2007. Biotechnol. Prog. 23(1):255-264. The study showed a 10-fold increase of the viable cell concentration when switching from batch to perfusion culture. This resulted in a substantially higher volumetric productivity and an overall 7-fold increase in the amount of antibody produced in perfusion culture.

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