Is imaging part of your automated system?


No, we do not have any imaging instruments as part of our automated platforms. We had one a few years ago, but have since discontinued its use due to changes in our overall process. It is completely possible to integrate imagers into an automation platform as long as the instrument that you are using is “automation friendly”. This usually involves an access point to the instrument that is unobstructed, a plate nest that slides out away from the body of the instrument, for example. Your plate transport component would have to be able to access that input/output point without obstruction. If you are considering an automation platform that integrates a high content imager, or any other imager, the best place to start is your sales rep for the imager and the vendor that you have selected as your integrator. The integrator should be able to tell you immediately if they have previously integrated your imaging instrument in another system. If they have, that means that it is automation compatible, it is compatible with their controller software and the required APIs have already been written.

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