We are not seeing the results we would like in 293 cells and need a transient CHO system. What would you recommend?


Thermo Fisher Scientific recently launched a high-expressing, all-in-one CHO-based transient expression system, ExpiCHO™, which builds on the knowledge of the Gold Standard Expi293™ expression system that has been widely used by researchers and drug development scientists for many years. The ExpiCHO expression system was developed from the ground up incorporating a new, high-expressing CHO clone (ExpiCHO-S cells), a new high-density growth and expression medium with matched feed as well as a high-efficiency transfection reagent and expression enhancer, all of which work together synergistically to maximize protein titers. ExpiCHO is capable of expressing many proteins at significantly higher levels than Expi293, with maximum titers up to 3g/L for human IgG compared to 1g/L in Expi293. Additionally, many proteins that express at very low levels, or not at all, in 293 cells can be expressed in ExpiCHO with excellent results.

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