What are the coatings available for the new Corning Eplasia plates?


Corning® Elplasia® round bottom plates are available in 6-, 24- and 96-well formats and feature Corning Ultra-Low Attachment (ULA) surface. Corning ULA surface is a proprietary, animal-free, covalently bonded hydrogel surface that is hydrophilic and neutrally charged. The ULA surface promotes the formation and easy harvesting of anchorage-dependent scaffold free spheroids.  Corning Elplasia round bottom plates are optimal for bulk spheroid formation, collection, and expansion.

Corning Elplasia Square bottom plates are plasma-treated for self-coating applications and come in 6-, 24-, 96- and 384-well formats. Square bottom plates feature a surface with optical qualities suited for image analysis, making them an ideal solution for clonal selection and high magnification imaging of very small clusters.

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