What do you recommend for an good productive hybridoma media, but also cost effective. Would you make your own using classical or buy off the shelf?


For best results you probably want to grow your cells in suspension and in a CD-medium. The various CD media are cell type specific as different cells utilize the amino acids at different rates. You also have to decide if you are going with fed-batch or perfusion. You would be better off buying a specialty medium rather then making your own. All of the CD formulations are about the same qualitatively, but differ quantitatively. They are also complicated in design requiring extensive labor. A typical CD medium would have about 25 trace elements in it. Whether you use fed-batch or perfusion you need to add back the self-limiting amino acids or feed with complete media. With the NSO hybridomas the self-limiting amino acids are cysteine, leucine, methionine, tyrosine and valine (and of course glutamine). To control ammonia and lactate accumulation you need to try to maintain glutamine at 2 mM (to do the same thing with CHO cells you would maintain glucose at 1.0 gm/L). As far as what hybridoma medium to choose, I have only used Hybridoma SFM and later CD-Hybridoma from GIBCO as that is where I used to work.

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