When training staff who have been used to stainless steel bioreactors, what are the differences for operations when running single-use bioreactors? How much training is necessary to switch?


The amount or level of training will depend on the relative skill level of the operator on the stainless steel system. For example: The controller on the Xcellerex™ XDR system has various levels of access and capability. If an individual will be taking readings and monitoring the system, this will require less training compared to an individual who is expected modify PID settings and tuning. Regarding the vessel and sampling, this tends to be straightforward. Steps such as needleless syringe sampling or welding on sample bag tend to be faster compared to steam on and steam off apps steps or techniques. The connections to the single-use vessel are typically based on aseptic connectors and/or tube welding which is often not applicable for stainless steel systems. These are just a few examples of the differences in steps and operations.

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