The Dish’s Weekly News Wrap Up – May 25, 2012

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“Canada Oks Osiris Drug; First Stem Cell Therapy,” Reuters

Osiris Therapeutics Inc. said on Thursday that Canadian health regulators have approved its treatment for acute graft-versus host disease in children, making it the first stem cell drug to be approved for a systemic disease anywhere in the world.

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“Agilent Buys Dako for 2.2 Billion, Biggest Deal Ever,” Bloomberg

Agilent Technologies Inc. the maker of scientific-testing equipment, agreed to buy Dako, a Danish maker of cancer-diagnostics tools, for $2.2 billion in cash to expand its life-science business.

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“California Considers DNA Privacy Law,” Scientific American

California lawmakers are weighing a bill aimed at protecting their state’s citizens from surreptitious genetic testing but scientists are voicing their growing concerns that, if passed, such a law would have a costly and damaging effect on research.

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“IPierian Zeroes in on Antibodies for Alzheimer’s, Neurodegeneration,” Xconomy

iPierian used to be known as a stem cell company, when stem cells were all the rage. But now it’s taking on a new identity as an antibody drug developer that happens to use stem cells as a tool for discovery.

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“ReNeuron’s UK Stem Cell Trial Edges Towards Phase II,” PharmaTimes

UK-based stem-cell pioneer ReNeuron says it is on track to seek approval for a Phase II clinical trial of its ReN001 therapy in disabled stroke patients “during the course of next year”.

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“Report: Foreign Countries Want to Lure US Biotechs,” Mass High Tech

As the pharmaceutical industry lobbies for several biotech-friendly measures in Washington, an industry group is touting a study that says foreign countries are increasingly adopting biotech-friendly policies in an attempt to lure such companies away from the U.S.

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