The future of cell culture development? Part I

As we learn more and more about the detailed workings of cells used in biomanufacturing, methods to modify these workings are developed. This recent article from GEN “Expression Systems Break with Tradition“, describes some technologies that were unavailable to cell culture scientists in the past; glycoengineering and site-specific integration.

The sequencing of the CHO genome should provide even more opportunities to improve biopharmaceutical production. Several groups have sequenced CHO cell lines; GT Life Sciences collaborated with BGI to sequence CHO-K1 [announcement pdf], while Selexis collaborated with several Swiss institutions to sequence their proprietary “SURECHO-M” line.

These are just a few examples of techniques that can be used to develop cell lines to produce biopharmaceuticals. It should be interesting to see how regulatory agencies treat drug applications that use cell lines that were developed using advanced techniques such as these.

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