The Top 10 Podcasts of 2019

Don’t miss our top Podcasts of 2019! I have compiled a list of our most popular 10 Podcasts for 2019 in alphabetical order.

Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) Development and Manufacturing Challenges and Solutions

In this podcast, we interviewed Dr. J.J. Luo, Executive Director and Dr. Lily Yin, Head of Biologics Conjugation Development, at WuXi Biologics about the state of the ADC marketplace and the challenges in developing antibody drug conjugates. We then dove into reasons behind why they built a dedicated manufacturing facility for ADCs and other bioconjugates and how a single-source development platform can benefit bioconjugate drug development efforts.

Expediting Cell and Gene Therapy Workflows

In this podcast and accompanying article, we interviewed Mr. Dave Eansor President of the Protein Sciences Segment at Bio-Techne and Dr. Sean Kevlahan, Senior Director of Cell and Gene Therapy at Bio-Techne about new technologies that can be implemented to expedite cell therapy and gene therapy workflows and facilitate the path from bench to clinic.

How Live Cell Analysis Technology is Meeting the Needs of Ever Evolving Advanced Cell Models

In this podcast and accompanying article, we interviewed Dr. Kimberly Wicklund, Head of Product Management for the IncuCyte® at Sartorius about how live cell analysis is meeting the needs of advanced cell models and how the launch of the new IncuCyte SX1 is providing scientists more options when it comes to using live cell analysis in their workflows.

Improved gene therapy analytics permit monitoring of critical quality attributes and increased manufacturing efficiency

In this podcast and accompanying article, we interviewed Jonathan Royce, Director, Instruments Business Unit, Vironova about analytics in gene therapy manufacturing. Specifically Jonathan details new technologies to monitor critical quality attributes, reduce development time and increase the number of projects that can be run.

Innovative vaccine manufacturing enables the delivery of vaccines to the developing world

In this podcast and accompanying article, we interviewed Dr. Alex Chatel, Product Manager, Viral Applications, Univercells about the biggest challenges facing vaccine manufacturing today, why it is so difficult to manufacture and deliver vaccines to the developing world and how a novel technology with the support of the Gates Foundation is poised to address these challenges.

Live Cell Analysis for Neuroscience Research

In this podcast, we talk with Susana Alcantara, Senior R&D Scientist and Neuroscience Program Leader, BioAnalytics, Sartorius about the ways real-time live cell analysis is enabling neuroscience research. We also discussed how real-time cell analysis can be used in neurological disease model development and in studying disease pathology to enable drug discovery.

Optimizing Fed Batch Culture – Developing New Tools and Methods to Improve Production

In this podcast and accompanying article, we interviewed Dr. Aline Zimmer, Head of R&D, Advanced Cell Culture Technologies at Merck about the importance of optimizing fed batch cell culture for successful biomanufacturing. Aline discussed how her team has developing new tools and methods for optimizing fed batch culture and the impact this has had on productivity and product quality.

Successful Methods for Perfusion Process Optimization

In this podcast, we interviewed Dr. Andreas Castan, Principal Scientist at GE Healthcare Life Sciences about the best methods for optimizing perfusion processes. This included a discussion of tools for media optimization and innovative cell separation techniques.

Using cell culture models of endocrine resistance to improve triple positive breast cancer treatment options

Gibco Cell Culture Hero, Dr. Hillary Stires discusses her work researching better treatment options for triple positive breast cancer patients. She explains how the use of cell culture modeling helps drive her research. She also talks about her experience as a cell culture hero and her passion for the scicomm movement on social media platforms.

Viral Vector Manufacturing for Gene Therapy – Developing a Platform Process

In this podcast and accompanying article, we interviewed Dr. Mats Lundgren, PhD Customer Applications Director, Life Sciences, GE Healthcare, Sweden about developing platform processes for viral vector manufacturing and Mats describes a recently developed platform process for adenovirus production.

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