Vaccine Production Moving Towards Recombinant Cell Culture Based Technology

The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) continues funding to support efficient and reliable vaccine production technologies. In a recent article by FierceVaccines, an interview with Novavax’s CEO discusses HHS flu vaccine funding. Funding for vaccine development began with egg-based vaccine manufacturing, however because of the issues with inconsistencies and low reliability, they are moving forward with new technologies. With the next round of funding starting in cell culture production followed by recombinant cell culture based technology, companies strive to produced cell-based vaccines that improve the safety and development process. Novavax was granted a contract worth up to $179.1 million and VaxInnate picked up a potential $196 million deal.

To read the full article: FierceVaccines 03/03/2011 – Interview: Novavax’s CEO discusses HHS flu vaccine funding

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