Bioprocessing pH Probe Selection and Maintenance

pH is one of the most important parameters in maintaining a healthy cell culture. pH probes are used to measure pH in bioreactors, but often there are questions about probe selection, cleaning and maintenance. In this week’s Two Minute Tuesday video, Robert Garrahy, Vice President of Bioprocess Technologies at Broadley-James is interviewed about how the most important factors in probe selection as well as important cleaning and maintenance recommendations. Mr. Garrahy explains that the most important aspect of effective probe implementation is in ensuring that there are proper SOPs and calibrations to be sure that the probe is working effectively and that the staff has been trained on how to use the probe. For the full interview, please see the video below titled, “Expert Interview on the Use of pH Probes for Bioprocessing.”

The Keck Graduate Institute and WuXi Biologics have teamed together to provide technical training videos called Two Minute Tuesday videos for the bioprocessing industry.  They will deliver a new video topic every Tuesday that can quickly get you up-to-speed in understanding the complexities of biologics drug development and manufacturing.


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