Who Do You Rely On for Your Information on Innovation in Cell Culture Optimization?

Advancements in cell culture media and supplementation continues to saturate the cell culture market, making it impossible for scientists to know what is out there that will work best for them. As a cell culture scientist, you dedicate yourself to utilizing the most readily available and cost-effective approach in optimizing your cell lines, but struggle with finding time to explore new approaches and products. So who do you rely on to get the latest information on media and supplements for your work?

A recent survey affirmed that over 35% cell culture scientists purchase their cell culture media through a distributor and 29% directly from the producer. This makes over 60% of the purchases for cell culture media from two sources.

The same survey showed that the top three sources cell culture scientists retrieve information about new technologies and products were from:

  • Academic Journals
  • Internet
  • Vendors/Distributors

As a cell culture scientist, what/who do you rely on to get your information on innovation in the industry? Leave a comment telling everyone what you find as a valuable source, place a poll question vote or both. Be specific, you might just be on the cutting edge yourself in gathering information that could benefit all!

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