Best Practices For Cell Culture Media Design And Processes

By on November 18, 2013
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Have you had the problem that a new cell line in your laboratory is not growing to your expectations or cells that had been growing well in your medium all of a sudden start looking sick and are going into apoptosis?

The classical cell culture medium consists of amino acids, vitamins and a source of energy, such as glucose, in a buffered salt solution. These formulations require further supplementation with a protein source such as serum. The classical media formulations were designed using cancer-derived cell lines and can be very sub-optimal for the growth of specialized cells, such as stem cell, recombinant cells and differentiated cells. In the absence of serum and serum proteins it becomes essential that you control for the osmolality, ammonia and the production of free radicals. As important as using the right medium is the proper handling of the both the media and the cells and together can be the difference between a successful or failed experiment.

This Ask the Expert Session is hosted by Paul J. Price, Ph.D., Media Design Consultant. Dr. Price has been a research scientist for over 50 years. Positions he has held include Branch Chief in the Center for Infectious Diseases at the CDC, and founder and Executive Vice-President of Hycor Biomedical. If you have had a problem with an experiment or cells, take this opportunity to prevent either from crashing. Dr. Price has over 50 years of experience in cell culture and media design and has had the opportunity to make all of the mistakes and find ways to correct them.

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  1. Tim Tian

    18 November, 2013 at 12:41 PM

    What are the most costly ingredients in today’s CD media for GMP protein production (mammalian) that make them so expensive (~US$100/L)? Great forum BTW!

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