Build Powerful Upstream Bioprocesses for Cell and Gene Therapy Development

The field of cell and gene therapies (CGT) aims to treat diseases by restoring or reconditioning cells or genes, with cell and gene therapies differing in their mechanism of action. Despite being in the early stages, CGT research is rapidly expanding, requiring large numbers of high-quality cells for development. Stirred-tank bioreactors offer efficient cell expansion beyond the limitations of 2D-culture systems.

The Eppendorf Bioprocess Unit, drawing on years of experience, supports the advancement of stem cell cultivation in these bioreactors, focusing on scalability, robustness, quality, and cost-effectiveness for the development of commercially viable therapies. Stirred-tank bioreactors simplify scale-up, enable precise monitoring and control of growth environments, facilitate parallel experimentation, and automate routine tasks, freeing up scientists’ time for valuable research.

Eppendorf supports companies in developing powerful upstream bioprocesses for cell and gene therapy development.

Areas of Focus


Producing large amounts of cells in conventional 2D-culture systems is very labor- and time-intensive. Stirred-tank bioreactors reduce manual labor when handling large cultures, simplify scale-up, and like this facilitate efficient cell expansion. Eppendorf supports you with transferring your process from flasks or bags to bioreactors and seamlessly scaling-up from small to larger working volumes.

Reproducible results

Stirred-tank bioreactors and bioprocess control software from Eppendorf enable you to precisely monitor and control the cells’ growth environment. Like this, you are always well informed on what is happening in your bioreactor and are able to optimize your bioprocess, compare different runs, and reproduce culture results.

Faster to market

Accelerating the development of bioprocesses is key to shorten the time to market. Parallel bioprocess control systems from Eppendorf facilitate parallel experimentation in small working volumes and, like this, process development in a time- and resource-saving manner.

Automation of Routine Tasks

The automation of routine tasks provides scientists more time for valuable research. Bioprocess control software from Eppendorf enables you to automate culture feeding and parameter control to reduce the working time spent on a running process.

Cell and Gene Therapy Applications for Stirred-Tank Bioreactors

Stirred-tank bioreactors from Eppendorf provide extensive options for monitoring and control of critical process parameters in real-time. Through scalable bioreactor design, results yielded in small scale can be transferred to larger working volumes for stem cell bioprocessing, viral vector production and exosome production.

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