Fang Wang, PhD

Fang Wang is a Sr. Technical Product Manager at SCIEX focusing on delivering technical requirements for SCIEX’s next-generation capillary electrophoresis hardware, software, and consumables. She engages directly with customers to help shape these new products and ensures these products deliver on their requirements. She loves the complexity of her job carefully crafting from customer requirements, drawing on her own experience, and trends she follows in the biopharma market to deliver workflows and solutions that support our customers. She completed her Ph.D in Biochemistry from Boston College in 2012. There, she focused on using chromatographic and spectroscopic technologies for peptide and protein characterization. In 2013, she started working as an Analytical Scientist at Amgen and later on at Agensys. In both roles, she focused on biological product characterization and participated in multiple IND fillings. She holds extensive experience in multiple separation techniques including capillary electrophoresis (CE) and liquid chromatography (LC). Most recently, she joined SCIEX in 2017 as a Biopharma Development Scientist working on novel application development in CE and CE-MS and later LC-MS. Her current area of focus is working exclusively with customers, R&D, and the Product Management team to provide customers with all-encompassing solutions targeting next-generation biologics characterization.

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