Leticia Montoya, Ph.D

Leticia Montoya is a chemical biologist, with a Doctorate in Chemistry from University of Oregon, and has experience in chemical approaches towards analyte detection in biological systems, development of immunoassay kits against metabolic and signaling targets, and fluorescence microscopy. She possesses a wide variety of advanced techniques, including analytical chemistry, organic synthesis, and molecular biology.

Leticia works at Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Product Development Scientist for the Development Biology R&D Team, in the LSG business segment. She develops products and solutions for detection of cellular targets and functions using plate readers, flow cytometry and other cell-based assay platforms. She serves as technical leads for product development workflows and works amongst several biologist on cross-functional teams.

She is a very enthusiastic and self-motivated scientist who strives to achieve the very best. She is organized and thorough in her work and is a confident individual that contributes to developing quality cell-based assays. She strives to move forward with the Thermo Fisher Scientific team to develop products of high-quality for researchers around the world.

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