Why Teamwork and Collaboration are Necessary for Successful Viral Vector Characterization

Characterizing viral vectors presents several challenges, primarily due to their larger size compared to other biologics like fusion proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and small molecules. Their heterogeneity and complex structure further complicate characterization efforts. To address potential failures in the lab, meticulous planning is essential, including anticipating mistakes, allowing margins of error in assays, and careful experimental design.

In a recent “Rewrite the Rules” vodcast, Jill Bradley-Graham from Sanofi, discusses why viral vector characterization is particularly challenging and why teamwork and collaboration are key. In the episode below, Jill shares the challenges that scientists in viral vector characterization face. She also explains why collaboration is key for newly emerging fields and provides insights on how to turn “failures” into opportunities.

“Rewrite the Rules” is a vodcast series that brings scientists together to share their unique insights on how they have moved past conventional norms to overcome significant analytical challenges in the biopharmaceutical space.

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