I am concerned about the training and cost of a more comprehensive data management system although I realize we need it. What is the simplest form of a data management system and can it grow with the company?


We have significantly reduced the training needs by creating a product with an easy and intuitive user interface thereby flattening the learning curve and speeding time to independent operation.

With our annual subscription model, customers can easily budget for the product without the need for a high upfront investment. Additionally, the design and deployment model of the product allows for increasing the scope in phases as the company’s needs grow.

The simplest form of data management in a manufacturing set-up would involve basic data aggregation capability in a validated manner and a set of statistical tools to do process analytics. This is enabled by the Bio4C™ ProcessPad Offline Module. This module also provides the ability to capture data from manual paper records in an electronic format. For large companies with systems like MES (Manufacturing Execution System), LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), Bio4C™ ProcessPad can connect to these systems directly to fetch offline batch parameter data. In addition to offline data, if a company would like to add machine data visualization and analytics capability, they can add a Bio4C™ ProcessPad-RT module to add this functionality.

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