Can you please walk through where the cost savings are by switching from roller bottles to a fixed-bed bioreactor?


One of the greatest benefits of replacing roller bottles with a fixed-bed bioreactor is that one system takes the place of many hundreds (to thousands) of roller bottles. In the case of the fixed-bed bioreactor, we are able to create the surface space in one system by using microcarriers.

As an example, if you replace a 500-roller bottle system with a fixed-bed bioreactor like the iCELLis™ bioreactor, cost savings come from:

•Reduced Manpower: Only one operator is needed to operate only one system. This is a drastic reduction in manpower from the 500 operations that would be needed to accommodate the roller bottles.

•Minimized Space/Accommodation: Only one bioreactor needs to be housed instead of 500 stacked bottles in a roller bottle machine. This creates a 10- to 50- fold savings in the amount of space needed to accommodate the process.

•Decreased Waste: Dramatically decreases the number of aseptic operations and the risk of contamination—less scrap from batches.

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