Do you have any technology that allows you to culture in the incubator and completely eliminate the water tray and eliminate microbe-supporting humidity during your cell culture? What can you do to eliminate transfers for centrifugation steps and for cryopreservation into cryovials? Do you have any cell culture technology that eliminates transfers by spinning directly and cryopreserving directly in the original cell culture container?


These questions are outside of the general cell contamination scope of this forum but we are happy to help you. These technology specific questions would be better answered by a Corning specialist who could find a tailored process based solution for you. Please contact one of the following regional Scientific Support groups and one of our agents can help you or put you in contact with a Field Applications Specialist.   Americas:, Greater Asia (including Greater China, Southeast Asia, Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand),  EMEA (including Europe, Middle East and Africa):, Japan:

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