How durable are the dissolvable microcarriers for multi-day culture?


Corning Dissolvable Microcarriers (DMC) are sufficiently durable to support multi-day culture, as we determined after fifteen days of cultivation to reach our biomass target. There was no indication that structure or function was negatively impacted at this time point. In terms of physical durability, it is worth nothing that, if DMCs were to become fractured, generated particulates would be dissolved in the harvest step and thus reduce the risk of particulates downstream. This is an advantage over other types of microcarriers where dissolvability is not feasible. Other considerations for microcarrier cultivation should be kept in mind when selecting a bioreactor platform. Similar to other microcarriers on the market, it is recommended that bioreactors be selected that are compatible for their use. For example, agitation systems should not grind and fracture microcarriers. There are single-use bioreactor configurations designed to avoid milling of microcarriers. Additionally, if long term culture circulation is desired (as is the case for perfusion culture), one can utilize pumps that are compatible with microcarriers. Peristaltic pumps can be used for simple transfers but should be avoided for extended recirculation.

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