Are there special media supplements of considerations when using your microcarriers?


There are no special media supplements required for using Corning Dissolvable Microcarriers (DMC): The DMC have been used in an array of serum-containing, serum-free, and chemically-defined media. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind. First, cell culture media with a high metal ion content may require harvest condition optimization, as the dissolution harvest requires the use of the chelating agent EDTA. We recommend washing away all cell culture media with DPBS (without calcium and magnesium) prior to initiating dissolution. The extent to which this can be done in certain reactor systems may leave more media behind. While it may not be appropriate for all processes, we have had success harvesting in serum-free media supplemented with additional EDTA at the addition of harvest reagents. Such methods may increase the time it takes for harvest, so one would first need to evaluate tolerance by the cell line of interest. Finally, we recommend considering the use of Poloxamer 188 to help mitigate stresses associated with bioreactor culture.

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