Each time we add lipids to our media, we must make fresh solution and titrate the appropriate amount to add to avoid cell death. Do we have to undergo the same process with your supplement?


Cell-Ess is stable in solution. There are issues with free fatty acid and free cholesterol with stability and solubility. In addition, the carrier may cause a problem. All of these issues have to be monitored and accounted for in cultures lasting over 4 days. With longer cultures, media depletion becomes a concern, and feeds are used to supplement the culture. For free fatty acids, free cholesterol, or cholesterol with a carrier in extended cultures, toxicity becomes a concern with the second or third feed and can be variable from run to run based on the break down or initial stability of the product. Cell-Ess deploys a novel method of delivery so these are not issues when optimized with Cell-Ess.

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