I am growing intestinal organoid from iPSC cells in Corning Matrigel matrix. I plan to collect the organoids from the matrix for subsequent tests and analysis. Can you please recommend a protocol for harvesting?


We recommend Corning® Cell Recovery Solution, 100mL (Product #354253) for harvesting organoids from Corning Matrigel matrix. Below is a general guideline, using an example of six week old organoids in 96-well spheroid microplates. Incubation time may be optimized for best results.

  1. Wash wells twice with 150 µL cold PBS (organoids can be settled by gravity or centrifugation)
  2. Add 150 µl of cold Corning® Cell Recovery Solution per well of 96-well spheroid microplate
  3. Incubate at 4°C for one hour
  4. Wash organoids 1x with 150 µL cold PBS
  5. Re-suspend organoids in fresh medium or desired buffer for subsequent analysis


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