I am looking for a system that can detect differentiation using imaging techniques that are not invasive to the culture. Do you have any recommendations?


There are two possible approaches you could use for a system to detect differentiation using non-invasive imaging techniques. The first is simple phase contrast microscopy. Using this approach you would look for the spike appearance of differentiating cells. Using imaging tools you can mask the undifferentiated cells and mark the differentiated cells. You may want to look in to an imaging tool hosted by the NIH which would also allow you to quantify this method. The second method I would recommend is utilizing a tool offered by Life Technologies – the Alkaline Phosphatase Live Stain. This is a non-invasive technology by which undifferentiated cells can be stained in 20 minutes or less by fluorescence. Cells that are not picked by this stain are differentiated cells. The Alkaline Phosphatase Live Stain is a quick and easy tool to use for detecting differentiated cells.

Click for more information about the Alkaline Phosphatase Live Stain – http://www.lifetechnologies.com/order/catalog/product/A14353?CID=search-product

Click to see a selection of tools for live and fixed cell staining of pluripotent stem cells – http://www.lifetechnologies.com/us/en/home/life-science/stem-cell-research/induced-pluripotent-stem-cells/pluripotent-stem-cell-detection/pluripotent-stem-cell-antibodies.html?icid=cvc-stemcelldetection-c2t1

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