I am thinking about moving to pre-coated plates. Can you tell me the benefits and drawbacks of plates precoated with Matrigel® matrix?


Corning Matrigel matrix precoated plates are well suited in circumstances where a specific application protocol is being followed.  Test conditions necessary for optimal cell functionality, including Matrigel concentration and volume, have been empirically demonstrated and a protocol provided. Examples of such assays are angiogenesis tube formation, primary hepatocyte culture, tumor invasion and stem cell culture; all of which benefit from proven, published protocols and the reliability of precoated plates.  Manufacturing consistency, quality control testing, shelf life, stability testing and off-the-shelf use are key benefits.

For less established protocols, a drawback to precoated plates is the inability to titrate concentration and volume to drive to the functional cell response desired.

If a specific Matrigel matrix formulation is needed, Corning can work with you to provide a custom precoated Matrigel matrix solution in various formats, ranging from high-throughput for drug screening and toxicity applications to multi-well plates and flasks for cell culture. Please contact your Corning representative for details on custom Matrigel matrix custom solutions.

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