I am trying to transfect (lipofectin mediated) a ChoK1 cell line. The current protocol I am using a protocol uses RPMI and FCS. I just read on your site that animal components yeild unpredictable results. I was wondering if this applies to the serum used as well? I am trying to optimize antibody production from the cell line.


Most transection reagents recommend transfecting in serum reduced or serum free medium. There are some that are advertised to be equally as effective in the presence or absence of serum. I would be inclined to transfect serum-free to be on the safe side. Unfortunately the only way to prove anything is through testing. If this was going to become a model for transfection that would be done routinely, it might be worth investing the time. If the transfection is specific to a short-term project, it may not be worth the effort – just go serum free to reduce the number of variables. The cell line you are working with is relatively robust and should be able to take a period of serum free transfection fairly well.

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