I have a vero cell line that I would like to transition to serum free media, can you give me some advice on where I should start.


This is a good question and those of you what are using VERO cell lines are lucky. GIbco’s VP-SFM is a media designed for growing VERO cells in suspension. VP–SFM is a serum-free media that requires little or no adaptation for VERO cells. The media will also grow other types of cells such as BHK-21 cells and COS-7, but some like COS-7 will require adaptation. We can talk about adaptation later on, but to answer your question directly, you can start with low passage cells that are highly viable. Gently pellet your cells grown in the old media. I would not centrifuge faster than about 1000 rpm. Leave a small amount of media above the cel pellet and use it to gently loosen the pellet. After pellet resuspension you can add the fresh SFM containing L-Glutamine or GLutaMAX. and grow your cells as you normally would in suspension. It is often helpful in the beginning to add a higher starting cell density than normal.

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