I’m looking for the easiest way to determine the right AAV serotype for my system. I’ve narrowed it down using literature searches but is there an easy way to test a few serotypes.


A deep dive into the literature is one of the best way to narrow down the list of potential AAV serotypes for different systems. Test the few top candidates, first on a small scale with some type of reporter construct for an easily identifiable phenotype to check for the efficiency of transduction. There are commercially available testing kits that contain pre-made viral stocks of multiple serotypes for GFP expression (e.g., Vector Biolabs’ AAV Serotypes Testing Kit AAV, GeneCopoeia’s AAVPrime™ Adeno-associated virus (AAV) Serotype Testing Kit). Finally, choose the one or two of the best from those tests and move onto testing with your gene-of-interest on a small scale.

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