Respected sir , I am currently working on the stem cell research for the assessment of nano particles in Caprine Wharton’s jelly derived mesenchymal stem cells . Last month I take the sample from local abbatior and separate the whartons jelly and pour it in different patriplates after proper procedure and kept the plates in C02 Incubator after 15-20 days I observed the plate under microscope and cells were grown and were healthy and contamination free but there were not any attachment of cells. Sir please advise me and guide me what will be the problem. Thanking you Sir


Hello Sir. So, I need to tell the readers a bit of background to your question before I answer it. Caprine are related to animals of the subfamily Caprinae” (goat-antelope) and Whaton’s jellyi(from Wkipedia) is a gelatinous substance within the umbilical cord also present in vitreous humor of the eyeball, largely made up of mucopolysaccharides (hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate). It also contains some fibroblasts and macrophages. Now, from your message I noticed you mentioned plating cells on ” different patriplates”. If this is a misspelling and you meant petri-dishes then there is your problem. Petri-dishes are plastic dishes for growing bacteria. Animal cells grow on cell culture treated charged plastic and the petri-dishes are hydrophobic. When animal cells are grown on petri-dishes they do not attach and will not attach. Use cell culture treated plastic dishes and use the Alpha modification of MEM supplemented with 20% FBS and you should be fine. I would be interested if the answers your question.

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