What is the timeline for organoid culture? When should I expect to begin to see the beginning of formation, timing for passaging, media changes?


Developmental progression of organoids and the timing of different steps in organoid culture are dependent on origin of cells, protocol being used (e.g. media formulations) and the desired organoid type. In some protocols, organoid-like structures or buds can be observed as early as 24 hours after organoid culture process is started. For example, during the generation of cerebral organoids from human pluripotent stem cells, neuroepithelial buds were seen within 1-3 days after seeding of EBs into Matrigel matrix (Lancaster and Knoblich, Nat Protoc, 2014). The long-term differentiation/maturation process might be continued for several weeks or months.

Below are a few review articles that may be of interest on this topic:

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